American Pastoral

Dear Friend:

If you came here looking for “American Pastoral,” I’ve moved it to my new blog, Matters of Conscience. Please follow the link to get there.

Peace and best,




14 thoughts on “American Pastoral

    • Right! Been thinking about you and yours, old buddy. Good news on the Coleman side: we accepted an offer on the Shenley Drive place . . . low, but doable. Positive vibes your way. John

  1. As I sit here watching the rain and leaves fall, I wonder why we can’t all love and care for this country and each other the way God cares for us.

    • Right on, Ruth. I couldn’t agree more. I guess the problem is that love requires us to put others first sometimes–hard thing to do when you’re up to your eyeballs in anger. Peace, John

  2. Was just driving home from work with Mariah when I saw the most beautiful field backed with trees, the sun shining down on one spot that it was like gold. Similar thoughts raced through my mind, surely not as profound as yours, but just the love for what we have. Peace and love.

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