A Matter of Conscience: In Defense of Hillary Clinton

Dear Friend:

If you came here looking for my defense of Hillary Clinton, I’ve moved it to my new blog, Matters of Conscience. Please follow the link to get there.

Peace and best,




10 thoughts on “A Matter of Conscience: In Defense of Hillary Clinton

  1. Talk about humbling! Where I suggest a feeling about something, you do the work and cite chapter and verse of the proof. This is professional stuff, John, and should be shared with the world in a much larger forum. Wonderful.

    • Thanks, brother. The blog-o-sphere is pretty noisy. I just raise my stuff up the flagpole and see who salutes. (And, by the way, I’ve set up my life to allow time for “homework.” You’ve got a few things on your plate these days! I have a lot of respect for your mind and opinions.) Peace, John

  2. Thank you, John. I am ashamed to admit that I often couch my personal endorsement of Hillary with an excuse such as she being the less bad choice. The truth is, that as vile as her opponent is, that is far from my reason for selecting her as my candidate of choice. I admire her ability to maintain her focus in the face of ludicrous and incomprehensible campaign flak. I truly believe that she wants good things for the whole of the US, and that she has consistently demonstrated an amazing ability to navigate national and international politics. I am aghast at the double standards of behavior applied to her in comparison to the behavior of male candidates. I have no doubts about her abilities, motives, toughness, intelligence or knowledge. I certainly hope she becomes our next president, but can’t help but be saddened by the number of people who find her opponent a better choice.

    • I agree with everything you say, Sue. Sometimes I don’t voice my appreciation for Hillary because, well frankly, I don’t have the time and energy for a snarly conversation. Now I’m on to new concerns because blogging friend Michelle at The Green Study pointed me to some stirrings in the Republican ranks, should Trump lose. I’ll be posting on my new blog, Matters of Conscience, about this. Ugh. Hope all is well with the Ottermans in Yankton. Peace, John

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