11 thoughts on “A Letter to My Late Mother on Her Birthday

  1. Well, that was lovely. Happy birthday to your mom wherever she may be. My mother turned 84 on March 2nd. She told me this joke: What is the best thing about being 84? Answer – There’s so little peer pressure.

    I’m going to turn out my light and go to sleep now on a smile for the good fortune you have amassed. There is always hope for good, isn’t there?

    • Good joke, Mary. Hope your mother is doing well. I’m glad I don’t have to survive on crumbs of hope so much as I did years ago. While life is fragile, it’s good to be able to witness to hope for others during their dark days. Peace, John

    • What the heck? Maybe every day is a birthday in eternity. Whatever, ay? Hope all is well with you and the gang. Peace, John

  2. John
    I passed your reading on to my nephew not realising that it was one day after his deceased Mom’s Birthday and also not knowing that his teenage son is battling a drug problem. He shared the above with me and that your letter was powerful and uplifting to him and perfect timing. You can stop thinking about your personal motivation to write the letter.

    • Hi, Larry. It does me such good to hear that my letter to Mom gave somebody a little bit of joy and hope. I’ll consider the matter of my motivation to write Mom a mystery solved. Hope all is well with you and yours. Peace, John

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