A Napper Does Time

A Napper Does Time

So I’m permitted to say in the most general terms possible why I have to be at the courthouse every day, but I won’t even do that. I’ll only say that I have to be there–don’t know how long exactly.

Not only will this obligation overrule siestas, but it will also deprive me of working in my beloved Oniontown. Meanwhile, I’ll certainly fall behind in reading my blogging friends’ posts and writing my own. A Napper’s Companion will offer tumbleweed and crickets.

Until my release, I leave you with a question: Would you place your trust in a face like this?

Photo on 4-13-16 at 8.13 AM #2

Forty-five minutes until reporting time

27 thoughts on “A Napper Does Time

  1. We’ve met, John. We had coffee and prayed together. I’d trust that face my life and my whole family’s lives.
    I look forward to the napper’s return.


  2. You’ve been there so many times for my family and me. We’ve not only trusted you but been helped immeasurably by your presence and guidance. You’re always in my prayers but will add extra words now. Take care

    • Not easy, but easier so far than I thought–and hopefully finished sooner than anticipated. Hope you’re doing okay. Peace, John

  3. Ugh. Any time spent in the court house for any reason is time better spent somewhere else. I guess unless you are getting through the legal hoops to receive your three million dollar inheritance from Great Aunt Bessie, which I assume you are not doing.
    And yes, I would trust that face, but I am well known for trusting the “wrong kind” of men.
    Prayers for you, and hoping that you learn something and get good blogging material from whatever is going on. Peace.

    • Definitely no Aunt Bessies out there, Melanie. So far the duty isn’t as bad as I feared, and it looks like it might be over sooner rather than later. Peace, John

  4. You look completely trustworthy to me, my friend. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a funny, inside-joke type of post or if something serious has happened or what the deal is. I pray that you and your family are okay, and as soon as you can expand on what is going on, I hope you do.

    Yours truly
    The Worrier (aka Rosa) 😀

    • Hey, Rosa. Yeah, just a standard bout of jury duty. I was up for a day or two, but they said two weeks initially. Looks like it might wrap up sooner than that, so yahoo. I’m a worrier, too, so I hope your worries are minimal these days. Peace, John

    • Hi, Mary. Yeah, good old jury duty. Interesting sometimes, mind-numbing often. Looks like we might be wrapping up sooner than expected. Yea! Peace, John

  5. Without a doubt I am with all those above that are not only willing to trust, but miss your guidance! Unless your trying to look all pre-judgey (and you can’t even pull that off!) to get out of jury duty, then nope, I don’t trust you!

    • Thanks, Carrie. Yep, you got me. No amount of brow furrowing could get me out of the deal. But the trial may not go the full two weeks, so thank God for small favors. Peace and love, John

  6. One look at that face and if I was guilty, I’d throw up my hands and ask for a non-jury trial…………………………..

    • Well, golly, thanks, Pat. You’re pretty trustworthy yourself. Enjoyed getting together . . . miss you and the gang still. Peace, John

    • Hi, Julie. All is well! Jury duty over. The crushing boredom has ended. Now smiling and back in the saddle. Thanks for checking and peace, John

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