“A Napper’s Companion” on YouTube

Dear Friends,

I decided to have a go at reading some of my blog posts on YouTube. I’m still learning, but I’ve posted my first attempt. It’s a love letter to my wife Kathy: “I Kiss Your Shoulder at First Light.” Unless complete ineptitude takes over, you should be able to watch/listen below.

Peace and love, John


11 thoughts on ““A Napper’s Companion” on YouTube

  1. Good for you! You are going to become even more reknown! The ladies will fall in love with your writings while the men will hopefully take note!

    • Still working on it, Nancy. Kathy says it doesn’t look like me without my glasses. Peace, John
      P.S. If ladies will read my blog and buy my book, I’ll do videos in a hula skirt. (Eek!)

    • Thanks, Deb. I can’t remember whether I commented on Ben needing caps for his little teeth. (So busy I’m dizzy.) Can’t help shaking my head and thinking potty mouth. Next time you see him, pass along a kiss on his sweet head for me. Peace, John

      • Thank you, John. I will do that. We saw Ben yesterday for about half an hour. We kept their dog while they were at the beach and took the dog back yesterday. Actually, we met them halfway (they live 2 1/2 hours away). We all met at a Dairy Queen and ate blizzards (I never do that; it was great!) and then headed back home. Ben has another MRI in 3 weeks. He still has blood clots, and his eye is beginning to protrude again. My son-in-law has called the doctor in New York to let him know. I’m worried.

        I ordered your book as you know, and Amazon sent me a blues harmonica instead. 🙂 I’m not kidding! Go figure. So I decided to keep the harmonica and give it to Ben and re-ordered the book. As soon as I complete all of this curriculum revision I’m doing for our school system (deadline is the end of this month), maybe I’ll have time to read again. Cheers, Deb

        • Hi, Deb. Aw, here we go again–that is to say, here Ben goes again. His whole life should be a Dairy Queen blizzard right now. Love to the little man. And what the hey? A blues harmonica! That must be some kind of sign. Peace, John

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