Micro-Post: A Morning Note from My Daughter

Shar-Pei Sitting in a Chair

“All right, Mr. DeMille. We’re ready for our closeup.” (Credit: DLILLC / Corbis)

Blogger’s Note: If you read my last post, “Why Babies Fill Us with Longing,” you’ll appreciate daughter Elena’s description of what grandson Cole does when he’s not busy being cuter than a bucket of Shar Pei puppies. Enjoy!


So, Mommus Maximus, you’re not mad at me, are you? (Credit: Elena Thompson)

Dear Mom and Dad,

It’s been a funny morning. Cole soaked through his diaper onto the bed (my bed, ugh). Then when I took his diaper off he peed on his own face! So I decided to give him a bath, but the washcloth I had over his bits didn’t hold the explosive poop that is all over my bathroom.


Just wondering, Mommy: I’m the one who got pee on my face. So who really got the worse end of the deal? (Credit: Elena Thompson)

Thank God for dogs.


Layla, the clean up dog, having committed a crime several weeks ago. Blogger’s Note: I’m in favor of dogs taking care of any and all messes. I’m pretty sure they regard whatever hits our gag reflex as a five-star delicacy. (Credit: Elena Thompson)

If it weren’t for the semi-good night sleep I probably wouldn’t have found it so funny.




What’s that you say, Momma-Lhama-Ding-Dong? It’s Grandpa’s day off and we’re meeting for lunch? Cool! I’ll have more fountains and poo-canos ready by then. Thanks for the bath! But say, isn’t it time for a snack from old Lefty? (Credit: Elena Thompson)

15 thoughts on “Micro-Post: A Morning Note from My Daughter

  1. He really is cuter than a bucket of sharpei pups. I’m going through that phase we women go through after our babies have been around for a few years and they’re… not babies anymore. The baby hogging baby sniffing wanting another baby phase. I can actually feel my body pumping out the hormones… Bad body. Bad…
    I bet he smells like baby powder and love. I waaaaant to hoooold hiiiimmmm.

    • Nooooooo! Don’t be fooled. Find other people’s babies to hold. Cole smells great, but I must say, fairly neutral. My daughter and son-in-law are kind of hippy-ish, so no perfumey smells. He’s delicious to me mainly because of the bloodline thing. Also, Cole had thrush recently and found Elena’s milk sometimes stinging in his mouth–at least that’s what I surmise. So, while nursing, he would frequently thrash his head about . . . without detaching. Imagine: my 25-year-old daughter’s breast as a puppy pull toy. When them there hormones get you all broody, think of my daughter! (Ha. You’re welcome!)

    • I’ll tell you, Mimi, I was a pretty goofed up customer when my own son and daughter were kiddlets. It’s so wonderful to have a second chance to take in the miracle. Peace.

  2. A wonderful pick-me-up and make me laugh on a drizzly, cool, not so nice day.

    Thanks for the Micro….

    Ray S.

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